Residential Protection

All safety procedures are monitored electronically by the 24 hour Monitoring Center and audited continuously by a supervisor at the site. The agents are trained for various emergency situations, and can also trigger medical emergencies or any external support when needed. Whenever possible – and if approved in our selection process, SUHAI tries to absorb the employees of the customer, preparing them for the new standard of quality. By this way, SUHAI eliminates worries with absences, vacations and labor, tax and social security obligations.

More than protect properties, we are used to protect lifes. Therefore, SUHAI projects cover risks such as: procedures for arrival and departure at the residence, strict access control for people and vehicles, and the “scanning” of service providers and employees. The SUHAI agents are selected and trained to work efficiently with all those protected, with total confidentiality and excellent adaptation to the routines of everyday life and to the various generations in families.

Our residential protection may include important items like Estate Guard, Asset Guard, Electronic Monitoring and Motorized Patrol of the surroundings, among others.

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