Eventual Protection

Security for visitors, foreigners, delegations and our client's events.

Executive Protection

Besides absolute security, we optimize your time with practicity.

Residential Protection

Is your residence safe? On the beach, capital our countryside.

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Founded in 1992, SUHAI from the beginning acted in Personal Security also performing a wide range of services in the security world, such as tracking, cargo protection, investigations and electronic protection, among others. Looking to the top, in the last 10 years the company decided to focus on Personal Security – an activity with very high quality requirements, so far as it means life protection.

From this time the company adopted a model of Corporate Governance with a Board of Directors, Counselors, Professional Management and submit all this processes to the ISO-9001, which has been certified and audited annually since 2008.

After this changing, SUHAI has being growing and currently has taken the leadership in this segment, being recognized by consultants, industry professionals, customers and partners as the best choice to protect renowned companies, managers, entrepreneurs and their families.

I would like to commend SUHAI for the excellent work they do. Its commitment to ensuring the protection and peace of mind of its customers is remarkable. The highly trained and professional team demonstrates competence and dedication in each service provided, with efficiency and attention to the details of the work. Congratulations to SUHAI for its unwavering commitment to protecting lives and properties while providing a safe and secure environment for all.

Robinson Araujo
Country Corporate Security Manager

SUHAI stands out for having a deep knowledge of the executive protection area. Its operational experience and its relationship with professionals of the highest level over the years made it possible to accumulate a technical capital that is difficult to match.
Thank you SUHAI for giving us the necessary peace of mind to carry out our projects.

Luis Roberto Barutti
Security Manager

“We hired SUHAI because of the level of discretion, trust  and compliance we need from a provider in this segment, as well as their ability to  handle emergency situations. The service we have received from SUHAI since then has  been building ever more partnership between all parties involved. Fundamental.”

“SUHAI Client – protected according to our confidentiality agreement”

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    To be a collaborator of SUHAI Personal Security is to be with the best professionals and to be part of the leading company in Excellence in Brazil. It is also committing to the company’s values ​​and purposes, which include Ethics, Commitment, Valuing people and Humility.

    If you want to be part of this team, update your resume, attach it as a PDF and send it to us, mentioning the area you intend to work in in the box below. Good luck!