SUHAI Security Driver

The SSD – SUHAI Security Driver is a service provided by highly qualified security agents, with training and extensive driving experience. All of them are VSPP professionals regulated by the Federal Police – PF, which is the supervisory body for this activity. SSD-SUHAI Security Driver can act both as a security guard and as a driver, solving the family’s logistics and security with a single hire.

Hiring the SSD – SUHAI Security Driver is to have a high quality service, which begins with the rigorous selection process, with specific steps for Security Drivers, goes through detailed registration and background checks, up to tactical and behavioral training, especially in the ability to deal with family members – children, the elderly or possibly people with special needs. The result is a versatile professional who, in addition to acting as a security guard when not driving, can also help with family logistics.

SUHAI takes care that everything is in accordance with the legislation and proof of inspections, so that no problem may bother the Client.

Therefore, if you are looking for confidence, talk to SUHAI. With our experience of more than 31 years in Personal Security, we have developed the SSD, a high-level service to serve your company and your family exactly as you expect!

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