Operating since January 1992, SUHAI has become the specialist in Personal Security and has taken the lead in this segment by a strategy of Excellence, carrying out hundreds of personal security and executive protection operations daily throughout Brazil.

Certified annually since 2008 by ISO 9001, SUHAI continuously provides services to executives and their families, companies, expatriates, investors, high-end corporate and residential condominiums, renowned schools, etc. SUHAI’s standards of Excellence extend to all dimensions of the business, such as the selection and development process of its agents, the process of managing and welcoming the team, the timely payment of wages and benefits to its employees, as well as fulfill all legal and labor obligations. The company has a proactive relationship and proximity process with its Customers, ensuring that their experience with SUHAI is always successful and boosts loyalty and recommendation. SUHAI has Values that are the basis of everything: Ethics, Commitment, Humility and Employee Appreciation. Its Purpose is to be the best security company in Brazil – with this mission and its strategy, SUHAI daily seeks to Enchant its Customers through the Excellence!

High Performance Team

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Learn more about the services we provide.


  • 100% of the Clearance Certificates: guarantee of a reputable third party;
  • A Code of Ethics and Conduct that reflects the values of SUHAI for all employees;
  • Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2015 renewed annually;
  • CRS certification [corporate social responsibility] renewed annually by TÜV NORD Brasil;
  • Private Pension: attract the best employees and reduce turnover;
  • Rigorous selection of employees: psychological, technical, registration, health and social research evaluation;
  • Periodic psychological assessment, preventing behavioral failures;
  • Technical and behavioral retraining more often than required by Law;
  • Constant supervision of employees integrated into online corporate system;
  • Confidential channel and Ombudsman process with External Audit;
  • 24 hour Monitoring Center to control remotely all operations;
  • Focus on Personal Security. A team dedicated to protection of life;
  • Elimination of labor risks for the customers.

Since 2007, SUHAI conquered the achievement of the International Certification ISO-9001, a standard that provides parameters for the Quality Management System (QMS) of companies.  This certifies that the organization is able to regularly provide products and services that meet the needs and expectations of its customers and that are in compliance with the laws and regulations in force . Quality Policy: Provide quality surveillance and security services satisfying our customers by meeting their requirements.

Employees appreciation is one of the foundations of SUHAI. We work daily so that our employees feel supported, respected and motivated to do their best for our Clients. As a result of our initiatives, we have been certified by GPTW – Great Place To Work, since 2020 as one of the best companies to work for, a true milestone in the surveillance and services segment in Brazil.

Issued by SESVESP – Union of Private Security Companies, Electronic Security, Escort Services and Training Courses of the State of São Paulo, through the certifier TÜV NORD Quality Assessment S / C Ltda, this seal confirms to the contractor the certainty of having at their disposal a company capable of offering the desired security.


Private pension plan as attraction for the best agents

SUHAI’s private pension plan is an initiative that aligns our HR policy with the institutional principles and values that govern the company. Protecting life and investing in the future is a priority for SUHAI that extends to all its employees. SuHai deposits 2% of the salary monthly and allows the employee to do the same. If the employee wants to, he can contribute with up to 4% being accompanied in equal percentage by the company. Completing 5 years with the company and being at least 35 years old, the employee can redeem the amounts invested by the company and by himself. The SUHAI private pension plan is a private pension plan managed by Banco Bradesco, strictly within the applicable legislation for pension plans in Brazil.

Human Resources

The process of recruitment and selection of employees in SUHAI is solid and rigorous. From the psychological profile through the registration checks and background checks, verification of physical conditions, technical knowledge, electronic health checks to assessing reactions under stress up to the integrity evaluation, the candidate has to be able to be part of an outstanding staff. This model of SuHai shows high rates of success expressed in low turnover and high customer satisfaction.

Negative Certificates

SUHAI differentiates itself by fulfilling or anticipating all commitments to employees, suppliers and the taxman. Our clearance certificates are the reflection of a responsible administration that follows the company since its inception, and which result in its economic and financial strength. Customers and service makers should require from their suppliers the clearance certificates as proof of good management, protecting customers from any debts and liabilities as joint debtors. In addition, SUHAI can regularly send to their customers any other vouchers of payments and compliance obligations.

Employee Appreciation

Among the various actions to respect and value Employees, we highlight the Acolher Project, which offers emotional support and guidance to employees.
It is a non-therapeutic action of active listening for each Employee, who can voluntarily participate by talking about personal or professional matters.
Trained psychologists carry out this action regularly, in an empathetic and comprehensive manner, expanding communication channels and strengthening ties between all employees and SUHAI.

We offer services of:

  • Security for High Standard Schools
  • Corporate Security
  • Personal Security
  • Executive protection with VSPPs
  • Family Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Occasional protection for Visitors and Foreigners
  • Events and Celebrities Security
  • The SSD – SUHAI Security Driver: the bodyguard who is an excellent driver and also a high standard security guard

SUHAI also offers:

  • Risk Analysis, Counseling, Planning and Security Projects
  • Firefighters – Corporate, Helipad and Events
  • Management of Security Services with Coordinators and Managers
  • Electronic monitoring of CCTV, Alarms and Sensors, integrated with personal security
  • Drivers – Monolingual or Multi-language
  • Background Check for Customer employees
  • Complete selection process for Client employees
  • Asset Protection with Asset Guard or VSPP
  • Receptive security at airports and heliports
  • Armored Vehicles for Customer use
  • Escort vehicles in security operations (Cars or Motorcycles)