Casa do Zezinho is a non-governmental entity, located between the neighborhoods Capão Redondo, Parque Santo Antônio and Jardim Ângela, in the south zone of the city of São Paulo. Founded on March 6, 1994, the project currently serves 1,200 Zezinhos between 6 and 21 years old, who attend public schools in the region. It is a place of recognition, respect, inclusion and friends. A place of hope for the future, touched by the privilege of coexistence, affection and, above all, freedom. A truly familiar space.

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Associação Beneficente Santa Fé is a non-governmental, secular, private law, non-profit organization, founded on August 13, 1993. Over the years, it develops welcoming work for boys and girls, victims of abuse, abandonment, sexual violence, many of them coming from the streets of São Paulo. The multidisciplinary service also extends to their families. Since its foundation, Santa Fé has served thousands of young people and children by offering an appropriate environment and support for them to develop their full potential.

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