Corporate and Business Protection

Personal Security is needed today anywhere in the world. Especially in Brazil, you need additional protection, because the individual risks are higher. If you are coming to Brazil on business or leisure, contact us to assess the risks of your itinerary and to obtain the necessary support for a pleasant and successful stay.

You or your company can also count on SUHAI security for the protection of delegations and special visitors, with appropriate armored vehicles, and multi-language teams for specific services. Security can be done armed or unarmed, according to the customer needs.

Our agents have training superior to that required by law, and extensive experience in protection of executives and foreign visitors. Operations are monitored electronically by the 24 hour Center and audited by a supervisor, on site, with online integration with SUHAI’s corporate system.

SUHAI follows the financial and budgetary rules of your company, and also complies with all Brazilian obligations (legal and labor), being able to present all the documents required for Customer tranquility.

Before your trip to Brazil, please contact us through this website and reserve everything. We’ll take care of you!

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