Protection services for your company, your family, corporate buildings and you!

SuHai is specialized in personal security, protecting the life of executives, directors, entrepreneurs and important families for more than 20 years. We also offer protection to corporate buildings, advising and security planning, guards, and all necessary staff, as well as protecting foreign visitors, delegations and our clients' events.

Is your most precious treasure protected?

In addition to absolute security, we optimize your time conveniently.

Excellence in safety and reduced costs. How does SuHai do it?

Get access to the best services of security advice.

Is your residence safe? On the beach, in the capital or within the country?

Security for foreign visitors, delegations and our client´s events.

Advantages of hiring SuHai Personal Security

Superior Quality

Professionals approved by a rigorous selection process, with higher requirements than Brazilian law. They always act respectfully, discreetly and with overall effectiveness. Our strict supervision assures absolute compliance with procedures and the designed security plan.

Services for Visitors

We can get you since your arriving in the airport, drive you up to the hotel, escort you during your city tour, meetings and conventions until your departure back in the airport. If you arrived in Rio or São Paulo SuHai can additionally escort you for any Brazilian city, up to bring you back to the departure airport. We organizes all necessary things as armored cars, bilingual drivers and bodyguards.

Security Operations Center 24/7

Constant monitoring of all our agents; "Hot Line" Operation available for emergencies or any necessary support.

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