Executive Protection

Have you ever thought about replace your hours in traffic for a productive time for, emails, teleconferences, virtual meetings and contacts with customers? Do this with total tranquility hiring SuHai, which is the leader in Personal Security and Executive Protection in Brazil. Our professionals undergo rigorous selection and constant training, always acting with discretion and efficiency. They adapt quickly to the daily routine of top executives.

SuHai Executive protection is performed after a thorough security analysis and relies primarily on the Bodyguard who operates in various roles such as: Security Driver, Escort, advanced Scout and motorized Patrol, among other things. The staff is monitored 24 hours a day by our security center and inspected at any time by our supervisors and operations managers. This is the way that SuHai ensures absolute quality in the services provided, leaving the executive free to plan and decide his/her business.

To be safe, don't switch your routines, switch to SuHai.


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